Boat Covers & Tops

Choosing the Best Boat Cover

Think about some of the boats you see, either at a neighboring cabin, the marina, or even listed for sale while shopping around. We’re not talking about those boats that could be fifteen years old but are still looking pristine, we’re talking about boats that are only a couple years old and already showing major signs of age and wear and tear. The type of boat that hasn’t been taken care of, the type of boat the deserves better…

Chances are that the vinyl upholstery is starting to fade in color, the wooden bright-work might be cracking from the elements and looking dried out, it’s probabally covered in mildew, dirty, and just a bad scene overall.

Let’s not even get started on the creatures that might be taking up residence in there.

If you plan to keep your boat forever, you can care for it however you want, but if you might want to sell it someday, some VERY SIMPLE steps can ensure you get top dollar, and even if you’re holding onto it – wouldn’t you rather ride in a boat that still feels and looks new? Not to mention that a poorly cared for boat absolutely won't last you forever. Your boat will give back what you're willing to put into it.

It’s really not that complicated. A boat cover helps to protect your investment from the sun and other elements, from starting to decay prematurely, it keeps pests away, and it ensures that your boat holds onto its value for a long, long time.

Not only does a boat cover protect your boat cosmetically, it also protects the electronics, keeps dirt, dust, debris, and droppings away, and doesn’t have to be a big deal to put on and off. If your boat’s sitting around for any stretch of time, please seriously consider protecting it with a boat cover.

Let’s go over the basics now, we’ll talk about choosing a cover that’s going to fit, things to look for in a boat cover, and anything else you might need to know or consider prior to making your purchase.

Once you’re feeling informed, knowledgeable, and confidant about your purchase, feel free to browse some of the boat covers we offer.

You can get it shipped right to your door, and we stand by all of our products 100% because we only deal with the best brands in the business, who all go above and beyond to offer exceptional products at very reasonable prices.

This is a very worthwhile purchase because a great boat cover is going to protect your boat, and more than pay for itself by saving you money in repair costs, and helping your boat hold onto its value.

The Two Main Uses for Boat Covers

Depending on what you’re going to be using it for will determine the types of covers you start shopping for.

There are storage covers, which are good for when your boat is just sitting around. You can even use a simple tarp, as long as you secure it well. This isn’t necessarily ideal, but it can be more affordable and in some cases, it’s good enough. It’s not as ideal for storage if you keep the boat in the water, but it can still get the job done.

The other type is for trailering, and it offers a more snug and custom fit for your boat so that it won’t fly off while you’re cruising down the highway, and has a better chance of staying on while your boat’s sitting on the water, too.

Types of Boat Covers

Now, between the classic blue tarp and the highest of the high-end trailering covers, there’s still a lot to choose from. The next major thing to consider is the fit of the cover. There are three major categories here, and basically it comes down to budget. The cheaper ones are the ones that are designed to fit a more universal range of vessels, and the more expensive custom ones are specific for your boat. Obviously, something custom or more niche is going to have a heavier price tag than something that’s more of a universal fit.

Of course, how much a boat cover costs also depends on the quality, the material, and more – so the above guidelines are just a rule of thumb, with all else being equal.

Universal Fit Boat Covers

These are covers that will fit just about any type of boat as long as it’s remotely close to the right size.

They’re sold in size increments of a couple feet, and they are meant to fit just about any boats within that size range regardless of any accessories or extras that may be on board.

They’re generally the most affordable type of cover for your boat, and usually aren’t ideal for trailering unless you add some additional measures to secure them. They typically don’t come in many different colors, you’ll often see grey and that’s about it.

Semi-Custom Fit Covers

These are similar to universal fit, but a bit more specific. They still come with extra slack to allow for different accessories and will fit a more diverse range of boats, but they’re still going to offer a slightly better fit. They’re categorized by hull sizes, and should more or less fit anything that falls within their range.

Fully Custom

This is the best option, if you’re willing to pony up the cost. It will fit your boat, and your boat alone. They aren’t practical for everyone, so semi-custom can be another good bet, or even a universal one if you aren’t particular about having a certain color, and you don’t mind taking a little extra precaution to ensure it’s secured correctly.