Does Boat Insurance Cover Hitting a Rock?

Does Boat Insurance Cover Hitting a Rock?

One of the best ways to spend a warm summer day is out on a boat until sunset.

However, being out on a watercraft comes with its own set of risks and having the right insurance coverage will give you peace of mind that you are covered, should something go wrong.

One question that we see a lot is “does my boat insurance cover me if I hit a rock?

Below we are going to talk about what your insurance covers and answer this ever so popular question.

Boat Insurance Overview

Boat insurance is the same concept as auto insurance and is there to offer some level of coverage in the event of damage, theft, or other types of incidents.

The amount of insurance coverage will depend on the type of coverage you buy.

The two most popular types of boat insurance are:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Accident, Collision, Comprehensive, or Full Coverage Insurance

Liability insurance only only covers bodily injuries and property damage to someone else, not your own watercraft.

Full converge will cover any damage incurred in the accident, including to your own vessel – this includes replacing your own watercraft if it is a complete loss.

Boat Rock Collision Coverage

Damage from striking a rock is perhaps one of the most common ways that boats get damaged while out on the water.

If the damage is bad enough where it creates a small hole, it can become a very serious problem as water penetrates inside the boat.

If you have collision coverage or full coverage, you will be happy to hear that you are covered in this scenario.

So yes, boat insurance covers you if you hit a rock – as long as you have collision or full coverage insurance.

Your insurer will either pay to fix the boat or replace the boat completely if it is deemed a total loss.

If you choose to only get liability coverage, then you are not covered and will have to fix any damage done by hitting a rock yourself.

Anyone who has owned boats in their lifetime knows that repairs can be very costly, so we always tell people to choose full coverage – because you just never know what could happen!

Jason David
Jason is a boat enthusiast who's own fiberglass and aluminum boats, as well as Fishing rafts that can hold full size trolling motors. He has experience with Repairing, Detailing, Fixing and upgrading boats for customers and as a hobby for himself. His first boat was a Reinell that was rehab back into shape from storage. Jason enjoys writing about Boating related topics that he has experience with and gives opinions, recommendations and reviews on boating accessories, parts, and water sports.