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Is Boat Shrink Wrap Recyclable? Here’s what you Need to know!

Eco-Friendly is everything Today, Here's what you Need to know about Recyclable Wraps!
Eco-Friendly is everything Today, Here's what you Need to know about Recyclable Wraps!

If properly installed and stored, the answer is yes, boat shrink wrap can be recycled more than once.

Boat shrink wrap can also be recycled once you no longer need it.

Today we are going to talk about boat shrink wrap, why it is important and how to save money by reusing your boat shrink wrap.

Lastly, we will discuss how to dispose of unwanted boat shrink wrapping.

Let’s get started!

Winter Storage Options

Shrink wrapping a boat really all depends on where you live and where you store your boat during the longer periods that you are not going to use it.

Shrink wrapping is a form of maintenance and is really important if you live in a place where temperatures reach freezing levels.

If you get periods of snow, ice, or freezing temps where you live, then you should strongly consider shrink wrapping your boat.

Bottom line – if you are going to store your boat during the winter season, you should shrink wrap it.

If you don’t want to shrink wrap your boat, the other option is to store it in a place that is protected from the elements.

Garage, Barn, Storage Units

If you can store your boat in a garage, barn or storage unit, away from the elements, then shrink wrapping may not be necessary.

Storing your boat inside for the winter can be cheaper than shrink wrapping the boat, so it is always a good idea to look at all of your options.

Just keep in mind that other factors like rats, mice or racoons can cause serious damage as well.

Make sure you store the boat in a place where animals and rodents cannot get inside and make themselves a home on your boat for the winter.

Boat Covers and Tarps

Some people choose to use boat covers and tarps rather than shrink wrapping.

If the boat is being stored indoors, tarps and boat covers should be fine as long as you check the boat every now and then to make sure nothing has made a home under the cover.

For boats being stored outdoors, tarps can rip or be blown off and boat covers can also rip or tear in certain harsh conditions.

When it comes to outside storage for winter months, shrink wrapping is going to give you the best protection.

How much does Shrink Wrapping Cost?

The cost to shrink wrap a boat will vary depending on the type of boat, size and where you live.

On average shrink wrapping a boat costs anywhere from $12 – $15 per foot.

Some companies will charge a little more because they will wash and clean the boat before shrink wrapping it.

Larger boats also tend to be more expensive to wrap per foot than smaller boats and of course, the colder the climate, the more expensive it will be.

Is Boat Shrink Wrap Recyclable or Reusable?

In order to be able to reuse shrink wrap, it needs to be properly installed with that in mind.

Before getting shrink wrap installed, make sure you let your installers know that you would like to install it in a way that you can reuse it the following year.

If you are installing your own shrink wrap, you will want to make sure it isn’t as tight as you can possibly get it.

You can leave the shrink wrap a little looser in some areas so that you can more easily remove it with as little cut off as possible.

To remove the boat shrink wrap for reuse, you will want to carefully begin at the back of the boat and cut the strings.

You will then slowly lift the wrap to remove tension.

Then cut the rest of the bottom strings and slowly pull and lift the corners around the boat working your way up.

This will remove tension so that you can fully lift the shrink wrap off without damaging it.

The following year when you reuse the shrink wrap, you will need to tape any rips or tears that may have occurred during the removal.

With careful wrapping and removal of the shrink wrap, you can get 2 – 4 uses out of the same shrink wrap.

Recycling Shrink Wrap

When you are done with your shrink wrap, you can recycle it!

You can call different Marina’s in your area and see which one will accept boat shrink wrap for recycling.

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